What's our purpose?

          We are a group called KMS_Panthers, and we are participating in eCYBERMISSION. Our purpose is to help our community by improving something that our community uses. Well we thought that it would be a good idea to bring awareness to our community about the dangers of crosswalks. We have done some research and the research that we found, which I will talk about later, has proven that crosswalk saftey is an issue in Las Vegas. Since all three of the members in our group live far apart we decided that we will try to improve the most dangerous ones. We chose to inprove the ones near Katie's house. We found these the most dangerous because there are no lights, the signs aren't noticable, and the paint on the crosswalks themselves are very faint and unnoticable.

           How Did We Take Action?        

          We took action fast, we needed to raise awareness and because this is school work and has a due date time isn't on our side. We started with research. We found out that we needed to contact Bill Row. Then we found out that Bill wasn't the guy we needed, we needed to contact an engineer. The engineer that Bill Row told us to contact was John Penuelas. When we contacted him he thought that what we were doing was a very good idea. He then asked us how we were going to make it safe. We told him that we would like to put up some lights that blink at cars when pedestrians that need to cross push th bottons on them. John told us that again he thought it was an excellent idea and that he thought that it would be efficient. However those lights cost $100,000 each. We also asked him if we could get the crosswalks painted a different color. He told us that they couldn't be painted any other color but white, so he said that he would just repaint them white for us. He also told us that he would put up a camera to see how dangerous these crosswalks were. He would put down a counter to see how many cars go by to make sure that these lights were really needed and that these lights weren't going to be a waist of money. Well he said that he would get back to us as soon as possible but currently we're still waiting for an answer.